30-Day Fruits & Greens Challenge

How much time and energy do you spend dealing with gut problems and bloating? It is not fun! Fruits & Greens are a game changer for anyone who deals with bloating, indigestion, IBS, lack of nutrients, or irregular bowel movements. We want to show you how much our product will change your life! Check out the end of the blog and join the challenge ad win some pretty cool prizes!


About Fruits & Greens

Our Fruits & Greens is a two-in-one product! This superfood formula provides an easy and tasty way to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables - anytime, anywhere. Just one serving a day helps decrease bloating and improve gut health. Whether you feel bloated after eating, struggle with IBS, or simply want a nutritious pick-me-up, this product is a game changer! Start your healthy and clean gut journey!

Fruits & Greens doesn’t stop at just improving gut health. Antioxidants like barley grass, wheatgrass, and spirulina strengthen the body’s natural defense. This means with flu season here, Fruits & Greens will help your immunity fight back! Need a little extra energy in the morning? Our formula is packed with superfood plant power to help increase focus and energy without caffeine or jitters. Plus with our new ingredient, spectra, it is a full-spectrum plant=based antioxidant formula of 29 fruits, veggies, and herbs! It has been shown to inhibit radical production and optimize metabolic activity within the human body. Fruits & Greens is packed with everything you need to improve your daily health!

So you might be scarred by other company’s greens and reds gritty, gross-tasting formulas. Fruits & Greens are different! It has a non-gritty formula and tastes delicious! No need to plug your nose while taking it because the berry, sweet taste is incredible! But don’t just hear it from us:

Justine F. - Verified Buyer



I am one to avoid fruits and greens because of taste and texture.

But this product is amazing!

The texture is smooth and the mixture of ingredients is yummy.

So Happy to finally have a fruits and veggies mix that I enjoy taking!



Elida S. - Verified Buyer



These are by far the greatest fruits and greens I’ve ever tried! They tasted great and it isn’t too gritty, which I truly appreciate. The ingredients are top notch and you can tell that this is made with care. Also, these are greens so no matter what they’re going to have the greens flavor but I’d gladly buy these over another really well known brand.


Comparison to Other Greens & Reds

Let’s talk about the price! Fruits and Greens is a two-in-one product like we mentioned! You get your greens and reds in one scoop! Other companies will have you paying $99 for just greens or $65 for greens or reds. Fruits & Greens has around 30 scoops per container meaning you are paying less than $2.00 per scoop. A healthy gut, daily serving of fruits and veggies, and a boost of energy for less than a drink at Starbucks? Count me in!


The Challenge

Join us for the 30-day Fruits & Greens Challenge! We want to show you how much we believe in this product by hosting this challenge! We are excited! Like really excited!

When Is It?

January 17- February 15

How Does It Work?

  • Order your Fruits & Greens this week to ensure you get it on time
  • Starting January 17th post on your IG story you are taking Fruits & Greens and make sure to tag @spnutrition. There is also an accountability tracker we have included below that you will need to post as well!


  • Obviously the incredible, life-changing benefits of Fruits & Greens
  • Chance to WIN: Apple AirPods, Liquid Chalk, NEW Protein (new flavors not even on the website yet), & Apparel Items 😱

If you want to learn anymore about the AMAZING 30-day Fruits & Greens Challenge, make sure to check out our Instagram @spnutrition or if you have any questions feel free to DM us as well!


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