5 Reasons Why Changing The WAY You Workout Is Important

You have been working out for a while now, say, maybe about 6 months or maybe for 10 years. Do you find yourself not seeing an increase in strength, stamina, weight loss or muscle gain? Or just bored and not excited for your workouts.
Perhaps it's time to change the way you workout & here's why.
1.  Break Through the Plateau
When you have been doing the same workout routine, same diet but can't seem to see any progress, or changes in your body, you may have hit a plateau. You will notice this if it has been weeks since you've seen any change. In this case a plateau would be defined as, your body has gotten used to the same activity and has become an efficient machine and is used to doing the same workout regime you have done. Thus no changes of weight loss or muscle gain. Therefore it is time to change it up. Changing the type of activity than the usual workout that you do will shock your body. 
Shock your Body with a completely different style of working out.
2. Increases Strength and Performance
When you body is introduced to a new type of training it has to adapt to a new stimulus. Your body has to work harder to cope with a new load that it is not used to. New stimulus, will lead to more strength and better performance.

3. Build New Muscles

Changing the types of workouts that you do will help work out muscles that have been neglected from your previous training or experience new muscle soreness that you never know even existed. Build a new strength and improved overall fitness. 

4. Prevent Overuse Injuries

By mixing up the types of workouts you do, will help with not overusing certain muscle groups and joints. In which, overuse of any muscle group or joints could lead to injury.  Changing up the workouts that you do will allow your body to be a versatile machine!

5. Break Through the Boredom

This is the one of the most important reasons in many peoples fitness journey. Getting bored at the gym to the point that you find no joy in lifting, running, working out, that you are just running through the motions. 


 OVERALL, change is hard and uncomfortable, especially if it's something that you have been accustomed to. Growth happens inside and out when you go through uncomfortable situations. Get creative and try new things. Go on a hike, run 10 miles, try a crossfit class, kickboxing, HIIT workouts, or even swimming the possibilities are endless! WE CHALLENGE YOU! Try something different this week and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  HAPPY FITTING!


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