5 Tips to Tackle the Beast of Time Management

Time management is indeed the subject all people want to be better with. We all have hectic lives, and how we spend our time throughout our day is so important. Whether it's work, school, the kids, or even just trying to get a workout in, every day feels like an uphill battle with the clock on the wall. 


However, it does not have to be this way. 

If you are effective with your time, you will win this colossal battle day in and day out. Below are some tips that will help you be more successful with your time and help you tackle the beast called "time management." 


Tip 1: Stay organized 

Staying organized is a crucial factor to help you to manage your time better. There are many different ways to use this step. We can write down tasks in a planner, in your notes, or even create calendar events on your phone. We recommend this because putting our tasks down on paper allows us to gauge how our day will flow and makes sure we don't forget crucial duties—completed a task? Woohoo! Mark it off and celebrate your win! Did you know marking off makes you feel good? Our brain releases a chemical in our brain called dopamine, causing us to feel happy and confident! Staying organized with a to-do list allows us to have tons of focus. Remember, we control our day and decide what we do with our time so stay on top of it! 


Tip 2: Stay productive

Throughout the day, there are so many distractions that surround us. Social media, texting, and phone calls that last forever are just some of the distractions that will take us away from staying productive. We must understand that all of our distractions will still be there after we have completed our tasks. Stay focused on what needs to be done. 


Tip 3: Prioritize 

The day is loaded with so many events. We must prioritize our tasks and dive into which tasks need to be accomplished first. Prioritizing will allow us to stay on top of our schedule and stay efficient with our time. When we prioritize, we can see the importance of each task and how soon we need to complete them. Some tasks may take 5 minutes, and others may take half a day. Knowing this will help us understand the time that's associated with each task. When we prioritize, we start to control more of the day. 


Tip 4: Set goals 

Goals are what we all strive to accomplish. By setting small goals every day, we can become more productive goal by goal. When we set goals for ourselves, we are looking for that feeling of accomplishment, and once we reach our goals, we feel amazing. Goal setting will allow us to build momentum and accomplish more each day. In the morning, set your goals for the day and tie them into your time management. Get into a routine of this daily! 


Tip 5: Be efficient 

Be efficient with every task, focus on it and complete it. Our time is crucial; efficiency matters. Be wise in how you spend your time, and you will be more successful. Think about how each task can be completed in the fastest and most efficient way. By doing so, you are already setting yourself for success. When we plan, we can become more efficient in our work. We should always think about working smarter and not harder. 


With these tips, we hope that they will help you take more control of your day.


Written by JR. 

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