Be ALL IN on Your Life (Nathan's Story)

No Matter What You Do. Be ALL In!

In 2013, SP CEO, Nathan Mansfield, had been on Active Duty for 6 years and had just completed his first combat tour in Afghanistan. His time in the military had really connected him to fitness. Nathan was a TACP or Tactical Air Control Party Specialist in the Air Force. His job was to support ground troops in combat by calling in airstrikes on the enemy. His time in the military exposed him to gunfights, bombs, and the potential for hand-to-hand combat. 

In his profession, it was survival of the fittest. 

After a near-death experience in combat, Nathan returned home with a different perspective on life. He understood how fragile life could be. And, he made himself a promise that everything he did for the rest of his life, he would be ALL in!

He lived by this mantra.

"You're not guaranteed tomorrow. So, you better give it all you got today".

A few months after returning home from his deployment, Nathan was having a glass of whiskey with a fellow soldier when the topic came up about supplements and nutrition. Nathan and his friend were avid fitness enthusiasts to the point that they blended their own supplements with raw ingredients. 

After a long passionate discussion about the supplement industry and discussing all of their frustrations, they decided to start their own business.

An idea on a Saturday night turned into reality on Monday. In fact, Nathan relentlessly searched and called about open buildings for lease for the next 7 days. Nathan had poor credit$20K in credit card debt, and was living paycheck to paycheck. After all his bills were paid, he had about $500 to live on for himself and his family.

But, he took the plunge. With no experience in business or sales, he relentlessly pursued the building lease. He wouldn't take no for an answer.

Because he went all-in on his idea, he became resourceful. He was able to FITFO the right amount of capital. He needed $60K to start. Between a friend's loan and maxing out 3 credit cards, he was able to get started. 

Thirty days after that Saturday night whiskey idea, Nathan and his partner had an open brick-and-mortar nutrition store. 

After five years of business, Nathan and his partner had a falling out. The business had its ups and downs and was relatively successful. They had paid off most of the start-up debt, but five years later, neither of them had collected a single paycheck. After a falling out with his partner, Nathan bought the company outright. And in typical Nathan fashion, he didn't waste any time. Within 5 months after the buyout, Nathan started his second company, Strong Physiquez. 

He had the vision to cure some of the frustration that had initially led him to start his first business. The industry lacked quality products and SP was his avenue to begin solving that problem for the world. 

Nathan had created a product called Synergy that he wanted to serve as SP's first product. He had conducted years of research and knew EXACTLY what he wanted! He worked closely with his manufacturer to ensure Synergy was created with top-quality ingredients and incredible flavoring. Synergy is the foundation of SP and is still one of SPs top selling products!

Fast forward a couple years to today, Nathan and his team are creating some of the best nutritional supplements and fitness apparel in the world. 

This reality would have never come true if Nathan didn't go ALL in. He had a belief, a vision, and a dream. He persisted through many hardships and failures because he was Always ALL in. No matter the tragedy, he never once thought about giving up.

Nathan's story is the reason that the #1 SP Core Value is, Be ALL In. His story serves as a mantra that we must incorporate into our lives. Anything we do is worth doing 100%.

Whatever you do, Be ALL in!

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