Eat More To Lose Weight? Yes, Let Us Tell You Why!

Did you know consuming more food daily could help you lose weight?

Many of you probably think we are nuts for saying this but let us explain. We've been trained to think that losing weight equals the same 2 magic steps eat less & train more then bomb we will have our "Dream Body." 

Let's be real, many of those fad diets we've tried in addition to hours of cardio have caused some damage to our metabolism causing it to slow down. The story starts with "I was losing weight but now I feel stuck!"

When we increase activity level and decrease caloric intake our body starts to think it's starving and goes into conservation mode. Conservation mode is what keeps you alive when your body is in distress due to not having enough calories to properly function. Having a slow metabolism makes it harder for our body to lose weight because you are burning fewer calories.

Have you hit a weight loss plateau? Then this is likely what is happening! 

Now, how do we get our bodies back to functioning properly while jumpstarting our metabolism?

Eat more. 

When we say eat more that doesn't just mean to start eating just to eat. We mean fuel your body properly for the amount of energy you are burning. Did you know you are burning calories without even trying? Our basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is how many calories your body burns each day at rest. You even burn calories just digesting your food! Your body needs to be properly fueled to do everyday things cooking, cleaning, fidgeting, yard work, or manual labor. These are called non-exercise activity thermogenesis, or NEAT. 

Even when we just live without doing any exercise our body STILL needs food. When you're adding working out to your daily regimen, don't just cut the food out and expect everything to magically work. 

Here are a few tips to get you're metabolism back on track! 

  • Avoid skipping meals
  • Protein with each meal
  • Refuel properly after hard training sessions
  • Workout more, eat more
  • Eat plenty of whole fruits & vegetables
  • Stay hydrated

Mental Tip: Stay away from the scale! The proof isn't in the number as much as it is in the mirror. Get a tape measure and track inches every two weeks, you'll feel much better than weighing yourself daily. 

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