Fruits & Greens Challenge -- That's a Wrap

If you haven’t seen it all over SPN and SP Athletic’s Instagram, we have been doing a 30 Day Fruits & Greens Challenge. It is a way to not only challenge yourself, but see the full effect Fruits & Greens can have a positive impact on your daily health journey. We could go on and on about how this is a revolutionary product and is really going to make a difference in your life. But, why just hear it from us? Hear stories from a couple people who did the 30 day Fruits & Greens challenge and their experience using the product:

Jazmin Oriyavong’s Story:

“Fruits & Greens has been a game changer! My husband and I have been taking it consistently for almost a month now and it is the only supplement I can tell a noticeable difference in my body from taking it daily. 

As someone that was dealing with digestive issues and uncomfortable bloating after each meal, I am thankful to have found a supplement that has been the solution. I can feel AND see the difference in the mirror. I now have the “flat” tummy because of no more bloat, but more importantly, my body feels restored. 

It is extremely important to me to feel optimal during every workout session. No more pain in my stomach which allows me to perform my best. In less that 60 seconds and a glass of water I have my serving of fruits and vegetables. The taste is light and fruity— you can’t beat this!”

Adam Dugas’ Story

For years I struggled to find a good greens product. SP Nutrition has exceeded my expectations and by far these are the best fruits & Greens I Have every had! SP Nutrition has found the right combination of micronutrients, nutrient absorption and amazing taste. I mix my greens with about 4-6 Oz. of cold water in the morning, knowing that i'm starting my day off the right way, by the time its 8am I feel great! I would recommend Fruits & Greens to anyone who wants to preform at optimal levels, increase their energy and improve their over all health. SPN Fruits & Greens are the best choice!


 Brittany Birkenstock’s Story:

Over the last few weeks of taking SPN’s Fruits and Greens on a daily basis, I’ve definitely noticed less bloating and better digestion. I tend to take F&G’s at night, before bed, and I’ve noticed that I wake up the next morning feeling less puffy and a bit more ready to start my day. Since I’ve added this habit into my daily routine, I’ve found that it helps me want to make better choices when it comes to my meals. I’ve also cut down on my snacking at night, because the sweetness from the Fruits and Greens has helped to curb my craving for dessert.

This is just the beginning for the results you can have with Fruits & Greens. Just because the challenge is almost over, does not mean that your journey has to end. Restock your Fruits & Greens! Better yet, subscribe today so you never have to worry about running out (plus when you subscribe you save 5%!) Your gut and you deserve a change. A happy gut is a happy body!

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