Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Happy first week of the new year! We hope it is off to a great start and you have started working towards your new goals. We also hope that you start to live in the now versus the what-ifs in the new year.

Doing uncomfortable things is uncomfortable; for lack of a better word. You feel awkward and probably won’t feel good at first. But, your mind and body will thank you later for pushing yourself to get out of your comfort zone and just live. We often spend too long analyzing versus just doing!

Your comfort zone is meant to be pushed; that is how you grow. As your step out of your comfort zone, you will reach three different stages:


Stage One: Fear Zone

Of course, if you are trying something new and getting outside of that comfort zone, there is going to be a little bit of nervousness and a little anxiety. This is normal. Fear Zone is where you will find excuses, lack self-confidence, and heavily affect others’ opinions. This is one zone you do not want to stay very long in, but this is where many people get stuck. You need to push past these doubts and fears to get to the next zone.


Stage Two: Learning Zone

This can seem like the biggest zone of all. The Learning Zone is where you will acquire those new skills, deal with challenges and people, and ultimately grow that comfort zone bigger. This is the zone where you get prepared to grow. You are set up with the right abilities and steps to be successful.


Stage Three: Growth Zone

Growth Zone is the final destination for stepping outside your comfort zone. This is where a new comfort zone is created to reach new heights and go after new goals. This is where you start to reach your dreams, realize aspirations, and set new goals. It will take work to get to this zone but trust me; it is worth it!

You might be a little overwhelmed by the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone. We get it, but imagine your life if you did not achieve the goals and dreams you wanted? What does it look like? Are you happy? The answer is most likely no, which is why we want to give you some ways to start stepping out of your comfort zone today!


5 Ways to Leave Your Comfort Zone

1. Do Everyday Things Different

There are opportunities every day to challenge yourself. Maybe it is turning off the TV or smartphone while having dinner or spending time with family. Maybe it is making decisions quickly. Maybe just slowing down to take in the surroundings on a walk. Make each day more intentional than the one before.

2. Work on the Professional Skills You’ve Been Avoiding.

Wanting to refresh your self-confidence, increasing your growing skillset will do just the trick! Skills like public speaking, negotiation, and leadership are all great skills, but many people avoid working on them. Investing in them can build resilience and personal satisfaction. Not to mention, it makes you more employable and will help open up more opportunities.

3. Try Something New

This is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. You probably have a list of new things you want to learn or do but never seem to have the confidence of time to do it. 2022 is the year you learn to put yourself first, and growth is your ultimate goal!

Nathan Mansfield, S.P. CEO, loves to shoot guns. It is a part of his right as an American and makes him feel liberated. He grew up shooting guns and received his first gun from his dad at nine years old. It’s been a part of his life ever since. He had all the specific shooting courses in the military that made him more knowledgeable and educated on respecting and using guns as weapons. It is something he is very passionate about.

We aren’t saying you have to go to the shooting range tomorrow, but find something you are just as passionate about and grow. Or, if you already have a passion, how can you step out of your comfort zone doing that? Maybe you are really into music and so to try something new you decide to learn to play guitar. By trying something new, you are more likely to find another passionate thing.

4. Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

Want to try weight lifting? What’s stopping you? Your comfort zone? Well, no more! Run that half marathon or triathlon. Get that new PR. Aiming high with exercise is a great way to leave your comfort zone and get the ball rolling.

5. Challenge Your Beliefs

Exploring alternative perspectives can feel uncomfortable, but it allows growth and insight by challenging established beliefs. This can take several forms, such as diversifying who you are talking to, reading varied book genres, and visiting new places. It is easy to get stuck in our ways. This can lead to complacency and lack of growth.


 Where Do I Go From Here?

However, you decide to get out of your comfort zone, stay consistent. This is the only way you will get the full amount of growth. It is okay to take small steps, but keep doing those small steps every day. Every step forward is progress. And if you need one last piece of advice: Your body cannot tell the difference between excitement and anxiety. So when you are feeling nervous about something, switch your mind into believing you are excited to try this new thing. Good luck with all your new goals and new things you are trying!


All growth starts at the end of your comfort zone.  - Tony Robbins


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