Ever wonder why you are constantly getting sick or you feel like you've been hit by a brick?

A large reason your body is feeling this way is because of a weakened immune system. Everyone shares the ability to protect and preserve our bodies from catching a cold or the flu. 

The KEY is a strong immunity defense system, that will help your body fight off these viral & bacterial infections. 

Prevention is always better than a cure, it pays to provide your immune system the help and nutrients it can get. 

Every day our bodies and immune systems are exposed to bacteria, germs, and pathogens from a variety of different sources. 

Here we will talk about the benefits of immune health and how to strengthen & support your body's immune system. 


Simply what is it? and What does it do?

First off, "Immune" essentially means protection, a system in our bodies that has developed to fight off infection, disease, sickness, and bacteria. 

Our immune system is essential for survival. generally made up of a network of cells, tissues, and organs that work side by side to protect the body. 

A body without an immune system would be open to all kinds of infection from bacteria, viruses, and other parasites. Our immune system keeps our bodies safe while we continue to do the things we enjoy in life

The immune systems' vital defenders (Cells, organs, and tissues) are always on the lookout for anything suspicious, and when something is spotted, a complex attack is initiated.  

The immune system is one of the body's largest systems & involves many different parts such as organs, tissues, proteins, cells, and more! When our immune system is working efficiently we feel "normal". 

But individuals with a weakened immune system can be at a greater risk to develop infections, diseases, viruses, and more. 

Children & Aging adults are the two main groups of people that should be more mindful of providing their immune system with the support it needs to remain healthy and functional. 

One thing for sure that continues to be constant within all age groups is one enjoys being sick. That is why we are providing you with information on how to stay healthy and happy! Now we will dive into how to support your immune system. 

Luckily for you we know a thing or two about immune health - the following tips will help you gain an understanding of how you can improve your immune health daily. 


To eat healthy is one thing but to eat healthy consistently is another. A healthy immune system needs a large variety of micronutrients and essential nutrients to operate smoothly. 

One of the best things you can do to improve your immune system is to load up on vitamin and mineral rich foods!

Fruits, veggies and other plant sources contain naturally occurring compounds such as phytochemicals and flavonoids. 

These are known as what gives the food it's color, taste, and flavor. 

Phytochemicals are important for your immune system, they help to defend your body from infection.

However, simply eating fruits and vegetables is not enough.

Protein is an important component of a healthy body and immune system, so don't glance past it...

...and it doesn't matter whether you choose an animal or plant-based protein source; the most essential thing is that you get enough to sustain your body every day.

You must also ensure that you are eating enough to prevent & avoid malnutrition.

Malnutrition occurs when the body does not get enough calories and/or nutrients to maintain good health and proper function of your bodily systems.

Unfortunately, if not properly handled, the calorie restriction can result in illness and hinder fat loss (but we'll get into that later).

You can continue to lose weight and maintain a caloric deficit while remaining healthy, the point is you don't want to severely limit your calorie and food intake.


Of course, getting more sleep helps...but what really matters is are you getting enough good deep sleep?

Getting your body into REM sleep is what's important, this is where you allow the body to shut down, de-stress, and help produce the proper hormones it needs to develop and function. 

Cortisol, a stress hormone, can decrease immune function if it is increased for long periods of time.

Avoiding the use of electronics before bed is one of the most popular and effective approaches to improving sleep quality.

To assist your mind and body relax after a stressful day, you can take a supplement like melatonin or other natural substances. 


Gut health is incredibly important, with a good balance of healthy bacteria, as well as a healthy digestive system, it is what keeps your body healthy.

The majority of your immune system is located in your gut, something many people are unaware of, 70% to 80% of the cells that make up your immune system are located in your gut wall, making gut health critical for supporting your body's immune function. 

Probiotics are beneficial microorganisms that aid in the digestion of nutrients, colon detoxification, and immune system support.

It's also critical to consume enough vegetables on a daily basis to keep your immune system in top shape.

Eating a variety of veggies provides your body with phytonutrients and antioxidants that aid in the regulation of free radicals and provide additional support to your immune system!

Consider adding a Fruits & Greens supplement to your daily routine if you struggle to consume enough fruits and vegetables or if you find yourself eating the same types of fruits and vegetables over and again.

It's a great way to make up for what you're missing out on due to a lack of fruits & vegetables in your diet and offers your body extra nutrients to help fight viruses and maintain a healthy gut.

When your digestive system is operating effectively with the proper balance of good bacteria, your immune system works more efficiently, and your body can utilize the excess vitamins and minerals from your food and supplements.


Staying consistently active helps to improve your immune system and your body's ability to respond to immune system attacks. 

Everyone should aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily to increase the benefits for their immune health. 

it can be something you enjoy as long as it includes exercise and you are active throughout the activity. 

Try to increase the intensity of this exercise or activity time, put in some effort here. 


Vitamin C deficiency is much more common than you would realize.

One of the main reasons for this is that much of the Vitamin C found throughout your diet is not easily absorbed by the body.

Another reason is that Vitamin C is one of the first vitamins to deplete in drinkers, smokers, athletes who compete in long, rigorous events, and obese people.

Vitamin C deficiency has been linked to plenty of negative impacts, including a weakened immune system and greater susceptibility to infection.

You can boost your immune system by addressing this nutritional deficiency. If you decide to take a Vitamin C supplement, Immunity + is a fantastic choice. 


High Consumption of alcohol causes the immune system to in a way "short circuit" increasing your chances of getting sick. 

Yes here and there drinking the occasional drink is okay, but sitting at home drinking by yourself because you're bored...or even drinking because you are stressed won't help your immune system. 

I'm not telling you that you shouldn't drink, or even need to cut out alcohol but the more you drink the more negative health effects you can incur. 

So what I will say is to drink responsibly and keep this message in mind if you have goals etc to be focused on. 


This one is easy, pretty obvious tobacco doesn't have one positive thing about it.

Smoking or other tobacco usage undermines the immune system and makes your body more susceptible to bronchitis and phenomena and other viral infections. 

Stay away from smoking and keep your immune system healthy. 


High levels of stress might weaken your immune system and cause you to become ill. Any type of stress, whether emotional, physical, or psychological, can harm your immune system.

Even negative emotions can weaken the immune system.

As a result, eliminating these negative thoughts and emotions is an excellent method to assist your immune system while also improving the overall quality of your life. Although it may seem hard at times the less fear of emotion there is the healthier you are and the happier you feel. 


Taking a broad spectrum multivitamin, such as our SPN Daily Pack, can help you stay healthy and maintain your overall health and wellness.

For growth, maintenance, and regulation of bodily processes, your body requires nutrition to support your immune system.

The Daily Pack & our other vitamin products such as Matrix & Immunity+ provide a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in specified forms and levels to make sure your body running smoothly.


A powerful Fruits & Greens powder, such as SPN Fruits & Greens, can be extremely beneficial.

Fruits & Greens combines two products into one for half the price of leading competitor brands. Fruits & Greens has everything both a Greens & Reds Powder would have & it tastes fantastic. 

Not only will beneficial bacteria aid in the prevention of sickness, but it will also aid in the greater utilization of vitamins and minerals obtained from food and supplements when your digestive tract is functioning properly.


Given at this point a lot of people are practicing to improve their immunity & immune system health...just trying to stay healthy. 

I know myself it is a critical step in my daily routine to make sure that I get my daily Fruits & Greens, Vitamins, Activity & other daily patterns to boost my immune health. 

A great way to keep your immune system strong and in defense mode is to avoid certain things that affect your immune function like drinking and smoking. 

Those looking to improve their immune health just need to remember it takes consistency & daily execution. These things do not just happen overnight...although we may wish they did. 

Fuel your body with essential nutrients, improve your sleep quality, manage stress and time, and get active for at least 30-45 minutes per day!


Remember the commitment to your health is a lifestyle, not just a season. 



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