Let's talk about Thyrexin T3 & how the Extreme Fat Cutting Stack is the right choice for you, 

Thyrexin & the EFS has been designed to speed up your thyroid & increase the rate at which your metabolism processes foods to burn more fat!

And it does it with less not more exercise and more not less food, let me explain...

You have been watching the fat accumulate in the places you want it the least, the EFS will help convert your cells from "store mode" into "burn mode". You may find it hard to lose fat and see progress when you diet and exercise like crazy while on this stack. You are already shocking the way the thyroid and how other cells in your body work. The key with the EFS is to follow a moderate diet/ meal plan while moderately exercising. We suggest at least one 45-minute workout 4-5 days a week. Remember everyone's body is different, this could work for you or it may not, you will need to assess your progress and re-evaluate if you do not begin to see results after 7 days. the good news is that if you can make a few significant changes in your diet and the way you exercise it will help speed up your thyroid and initiate "burn mode". 

Now let's get into it, if you desire your body to begin burning fat then the number one thing you need to function properly is your thyroid gland. This is because your thyroid gland produces the hormones needed to stimulate your cells in order to burn body fat. 

Your thyroid gland produces a specific hormone called Thyroxine, known as T4. While T4 has not been designed to burn fat specifically your body uses T4 as a building block for T3 the real MVP. 

T3 helps to accelerate your metabolism. The important thing to understand about T3 is that it's made from T4.  

In a perfect scenario, T4 is released from your thyroid gland and moves through your bloodstream into your liver where your liver then works to convert it into the potent fat burner known as T3. Once processed in the liver, your liver sends the T3 into the bloodstream to distribute to the cells in your body. 

Once T3 reaches these cells it attaches itself to the cell receptors which then stimulate each cell to begin creating energy by burning carbohydrates & fats. The more T3 you have in your body the more that attaches to your cells & is processed the faster your metabolism runs & burns fat.


Understanding that the less T3 you have in your body the slower your metabolism will function making it harder to burn fat. 

Unfortunately without even knowing it, you can either make the situation better or worse. Everyone does things and eats things that suppress the production of T4, ultimately slowing the production of T3 without even knowing it. 

Believe it or not, society, your lifestyle, and the foods you consume create stress. And because naturally our bodies are programmed to shut down through stress it begins shutting down or slowing your metabolism.

How Does This Happen? 

Your Body will begin by suppressing T4 production and the conversion of T4 into T3. 

Instead of using and turning T4 into T3, your liver begins to reverse the function of T3 back into "storage mode". This is a response derived from thousands of years ago, our bodies developed in order to survive famine. 

Everyday stressors such as the following begin to send signals to your brain to induce 'storage mode" 

  • Waiting too long to eat breakfast or not eating it at all
  • Not eating regularly during the day
  • Skipping meals and snacks
  • Restricting carbs, calories, or fats too much or for too long
  • Eating processed chemical-laden foods
  • Eating high refined sugar foods
  • Eating nutrient-deficient foods
  • Worrying about paying bills
  • Worrying about where are you going to go for holidays or can you afford it
  • Worrying about where your kids are going to go to school
  • Running kids or grand-kids around to after-school activities and sport
  • Not enjoying your job
  • Working too many hours
  • Worrying about the security of your job
  • Not being happy in your relationship
  • Feeling lonely or unloved

The list goes on...

Just because you are unable to escape stress does not mean you will always have a slow metabolism. 

The great thing is you can boost how much T4 your body makes and how effectively it's used to produce T3 with nutrients, lifestyle & even the Extreme Fat Cutting Stack!



Here Are 7 Ways To Boost The Thyroid Naturally

  • Eat more sea vegetables because they contain iodine. Iodine is the mineral your thyroid makes T4 and T3 from.

  • Eat more Brazil nuts because they contain selenium. Sufficient selenium is critical for converting T4 into fat-burning T3.

  • Eat more pumpkin seeds because they are rich in zinc. Like selenium, zinc is crucial for converting T4 into fat-burning T3.

  • Eat within 30 minutes of rising because if you wait too long to eat this is putting your body under stress and the lack of food can trigger the famine response… stop converting T4 into T3

  • Eat regularly throughout the day. If you go too long without eating it stresses your body thinks food is scarce and slows T4 to T3 conversion

  • Reduce stress hormones. Even though you can’t avoid stress magnesium, vitamin C, B vitamins, and the herbs Withania, Rhodiola and ginseng can help keep stress hormone release under control.

  • Eliminate reactive inflammation triggering foods from your diet like gluten, corn, soy, dairy, refined sugar, refined vegetable oils, and processed foods.

Although naturally increasing the production of T3 is doable it just requires a stronger commitment and desire. With the Extreme Fat Cutting Stack and minor adjustments to your lifestyle & diet, you will notice faster results. 

Does Dieting Work?

Now that you know more about how the thyroid functions, you realize that "dieting" might not be the ideal strategy for getting your body to start burning fat.

In fact "Dieting" will eventually stop your body from burning fat! 

Your metabolism will slow down and continually stay in "storage mode" if you constantly diet, your body will believe you are always starving. Your body never receives enough calories, carbs, or fats to signal that times are good and you don't need to hang onto stored fat when you eat too few calories, carbs, or fats for an extended period of time. 

This will begin to signal the body indicating that food is scarce and to be suppressing the production of T3 and up rT3 which converts T3 back into "storage mode". 

So if you want to speed up your thyroid and metabolism you have to start giving your body more not less. You need to change the signals your brain is getting from your body. 

It's not about a diet, it's about eating healthy and eating foods that nourish your body. 

More real foods and less ‘diet’ foods.   You need to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, not simply just food for energy, for your thyroid and metabolism to function more quickly. Your body is content to release its stores when it is receiving a large supply of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fats from natural foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, and unprocessed oils.

How Much Should I be Exercising? 

Less is sometimes more. Your body is already under stress, as I've already explained, so there's no need to put it through further strain by excessively exercising however, you should be completing a simple 45-minute workout 4-5 days a week. Running for hours, crazy lifting sessions or aggressively cycling in spin classes won't increase your metabolism. Your body will only be put under further strain. Your body becomes damaged and is put under more stress when you exercise excessively or for an extended period of time.

And as we now know more stress means more cortisol. And more cortisol means less fat-burning T3 and more fat-storing  rT3.

You need to move, but not too much or too vigorously, in order to have a beneficial impact on your thyroid and metabolism. 

In the beginning, the best workouts to do are body weight or low weight strength exercises, mild cardio sessions like stairs that make you huff and puff, yoga, or stretching.

 What Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Do?

Thermogenic fat burners work by accelerating two important processes. First, increase your metabolism. Second, they enable you to exercise more intensely so that you can also burn fat and calories.

The main goal of these products is to increase your body's resting thermogenic state. This means that calories are burned even during the metabolic process of eating. Everybody has what is called your resting metabolic rate. Thermogenic fat burners increase the resting metabolic rate. When you add to the dynamic rate of metabolism from exercise to an increased resting metabolic rate, you begin to burn fat at a more rapid rate. 

Understanding that Thermogenic fat burners like Thermo X base give you an advantage. They do not completely work as a substitute for exercise. The real benefit of thermogenic fat burners comes with the combination of the supplement and increased output while working out.

Thermogenic Fat burners usually contain a combination of ingredients that work together to provide maximum benefit. Along with a blend of chemical components that are designed to burn calories and fat, many thermogenic fat burners also contain natural ingredients that prevent the absorption of fats within your body. 

That's a Wrap!

I hope you were able to take some information away from this blog that you didn't know before & that if you had any questions about the Extreme fat Cutting Stack & that they have now been answered. 

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