We often find our selves imagining a life that ultimately we never think we'd be able to achieve, we craft a vision of what we truly desire to accomplish and think about it over and over again. We are individuals who are defined by our drive or lack there of. Being driven to go after our dreams and accomplish anything we set our minds to is a mindset. Thats what separates Exceptional people from being just simply ordinary. 
Humans are naturally driven by fear, we need to be able to balance the Risk Vs. the Reward. We must have faith and be determined to achieve what ever our dreams may be. There are many things to over come along the way and the path may not always be clear, however you should never let that stop you from taking massive determined action towards your goals. When you realize your goals become part of who you are your direction will feel natural, you will no longer struggle, you will just begin to win. 
Life very rarely offers us a shortcut, When you are Exceptional you must be prepared to push yourself when you want to quit and you keep telling yourself you need to quit. That moment is what separates you from being just ordinary its that moment that breeds a warrior. 
Ultimately its up to you to take the harder path, the path with the most resistance, against all the negativity and you choose to keep going because you believe in yourself when no one else does. the only person who matters is you, once you win the fight against your mind, you will have the strength to take on anything thrown your way. It's up to you to Live Exceptionally.
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