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Organic Gummy Vitamins were designed to help kids get all the vitamins and nutrients they need in a delicious Gummy Bear Formula. Kids are guaranteed to love the look and the taste!

Have your Kiddos take this Organic Formula daily to help prevent nutrient deficiencies and help bolster a strong immune system. With added Zinc and B12, Vita Gummies offer a simple and easy solution for children who may not be eating enough fruits and veggies daily.

These dairy free, organic and delicious bite sized gummy bears are an easy solution for parents on the go and active children. Taken daily, our children’s vitamins will help promote health, energy and overall wellness.


Children 2-3 years (1 Gummy Daily)

Children 4 + years (2 Gummy’s Daily)

Our Products are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Our formulas are GMP certified & FDA inspected. We only use the highest quality of ingredients to ensure the best results.

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